2015 Ascension BJJ Championship

A warm THANK YOU to everyone that attended our event! We hope you had a great experience and look forward to seeing you again next year! Here are the results (still awaiting No-Gi results):


We are also happy to announce the winners of our Champion's Bracket (Expert Divisions):

Women's Gi (-140) Champion: Jessica McNeill, BTT Canada

Men's Lightweight Gi (130-160) Champion: Eric Wheeler, Gringo BJJ

Men's Middleweight Gi (130-160) Champion: Cameron Florczak, Team Renzo Gracie

Men's Heavyweight Gi (190-220) Champion: Josh Roth, BJJ Revolution

Men's Middleweight No-Gi (160-190) Champion: Igor Mocaiber, Nova Uniao

Men's Heavyweight No-Gi (190-220) Champion: Tim Gane, Troop BJJ



Effective immediately, KIDS II will now be separated into WHITE & COLOUR. The White Belt division includes White/Grey Belts; The Colour Belt division includes Yellow Belt and up. The Colour Belt division will have Armbar submissions, but these rules will not take effect at this event.

For upcoming events in 2015, Kids II (7-8) and Kids III (9-10) will allow Armbar submissions for Colour Belts only.

Youth Divisions (White & Colour) currently allow Armbars & Chokes. Upcoming events will also allow Shoulder Locks (however, not at this event).

The OJA is introducing these new rules for 2015 to follow the IBJJF standard that has already been in place for some time. Our endeavour is to help prepare our young competitors with the intent on competing at the larger International events, such as the Kids Pan & World Championships. We will provide a brief presentation to all competitors and coaches on Sunday at 9:30am, just prior to the start of our Kids divisions. We look forward to another exciting year of growth for all of our young competitors!


Dear Friends,

Wow, we have reached our 10th year of Ascension Tournaments!

Welcome to the ASCENSION BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU CHAMPIONSHIP, 10th Edition! We are very pleased host our 10th annual event, welcoming back our amazing competitors that have been so supportive over the years, not just in attending and competing, but in the way that you help us to maintain that familiar sportsmanlike and community atmosphere that has become a hallmark of all Ascension Tournaments.To all new competitors, we know how daunting your initial competition experience can be and we strive to provide the appropriate setting for you to grow from your exciting new experience.

Of course, we take great pride in our Kids' Competition held on Sunday morning and look forward to providing a memorable experience for all our young competitors, their coaches, teams and families!!!

This year's event will have the following familiar format:

• All Adult and Junior (16-17) Gi Divisions will be held on Saturday, January 24th.

• Absolute Championship (Gi) will be held on Saturday, January 24th.

• All Kids (5-10), Youth (11-12) and Teen (13-15) Gi Divisions will be held on Sunday, January 25th in the morning.

• All Adult and Junior (16-17) No-Gi Divisions will be held on Sunday, January 25th in the afternoon.

• Absolute Championship (No-Gi) will be held on Sunday, January 25th in the afternoon.

Please stay tuned for more information about our upcoming event and we look forward to sharing a fun and memorable weekend on January 24th & 25th. Hoping to see you there!!!






Latest Updates


FRIDAY, JANUARY 23rd, 2015


Men's LIGHTWEIGHT (130-160) Gi Bracket: Saturday, 4 competitors

Match 1 (Semi Final): Graham Peckham (Ascension) vs Eric Fyon (Sisu Judo & Jiu-Jitsu)

Match 2 (Semi Final): Myles Allen (United BJJ) vs Kevin Wheeler (Gringo BJJ)

Match 3: 3rd Place (Loser of Match 5 vs Loser of Match 6)

Match 4 (Final): Winners of Match 1 & 2

Men's MIDDLEWEIGHT (160-190) Gi Bracket: Saturday, 8 competitors

Match 1 (Quarter Final): Jay Wadsworth (BJJ Revolution) vs Shane Fishman (Gracie Barra London)

Match 2 (Quarter Final): Shakeel Sammady (Ascension) vs Jason Palmer (Nova Uniao)

Match 3 (Quarter Final): Cameron Lienhart (BJJ Revolution) vs Cameron Florczak (Team Renzo Gracie)

Match 4 (Quarter Final): Igor Mocaiber (Nova Uniao) vs David Krimus (Ribeiro BJJ)

Match 5 (Semi Final): Winners of Match 1 & 2

Match 6 (Semi Final): Winners of Match 3 & 4

Match 7: 3rd Place (Loser of Match 5 vs Loser of Match 6)

Match 8 (Final): Winners of Match 5 & 6

Men's HEAVYWEIGHT (190-220) Bracket: Saturday, 4 competitors

Match 1 (Semi Final): Anderson Andrade (Nova Unaio) vs Jason McDonald (Ascension)

Match 2 (Semi Final): Brent Baulzen (Ribeiro BJJ) vs Josh Roth (BJJ Revolution)

Match 3: 3rd Place

Match 4 (Final): Winners of Match 1 & 2

Women's Gi CHAMPIONS BRACKET: Saturday, 3 competitors

Match 1: Jessica McNeill (BTT Canada) vs Emily McGivern (Nova Unaio)

Match 2: Lauren Timco (BJJ Revolution) vs Loser of Match 1

Match 3: Winners of Match 1 & 2

Men's MIDDLEWEIGHT (160-190) No-Gi Bracket: Sunday, 6 competitors

Match 1 (Quarter Final): Steve Simms (Nova Uniao) vs Alfred Georgi (Warrior MMA)

Match 2 (Quarter Final): Xavier Nash (Ascension) vs Nathan Dinkelmann (Phoenix Performance)

Match 3 (Semi Final): Winner of Match 1 vs Chris Robinson (Alliance/WNYMMA)

Match 4 (Semi Final): Winner of Match 2 vs Igor Mocaiber (Nova Unaio)

Match 5: 3rd place (Loser of Match 3 vs Loser of Match 4)

Match 6 (Final): Winners of Match 3 & 4

Men's HEAVYWEIGHT (190-220) No-Gi Bracket: Sunday, 3 competitors

Match 1: Tim Gane (Troop BJJ) vs Anderson Andrade (Nova Uniao)

Match 2: Sajid Rizvi (Ascension) vs Loser of Match 1

Match 3: Winners of Match 1 & 2

We would like to thank all of our talented competitors for joining us in these special EXPERT DIVISIONS. Each match is 8 minutes in length, divided into two segments: 4 minutes NO POINTS, 4 minutes IBJJF Brown/Black Belt Rules. It is our great pleasure to showcase each of these tremendous athletes this weekend. Best of luck to all of you and thank you for participating in ASCENSION X.



Introducing the ASCENSION X CHAMPION'S BRACKET (Expert Division)

Dear friends, we are excited to announce that we have added exclusive brackets to commemorate our 10th annual event, the CHAMPION'S BRACKET.

We will be taking applications from competitors that have attained any of the following: OJA Provincial Champion, medalist at IBJJF, ADCC Pro Trials or OJA Absolute Champion. We will be limiting participation to only 8 competitors, double-elimination for each CHAMPION'S BRACKET as follows:

- Men's Lightweight Gi (Saturday), Lightweight No-Gi (Sunday) 130-160lbs.

- Men's Middleweight Gi (Saturday), Middleweight No-Gi (Sunday) 160-190lbs.

- Men's Heavyweight Gi (Saturday), Heavyweight No-Gi (Sunday) 190-220lbs.

- Women's Open Weight Gi (Saturday), Open Weight No-Gi (Sunday), possibly two divisions due to attendance.

* Weigh-ins on the morning of the event, without Gi.

We will be taking applications for these divisions until Sunday, January 18th. Cost is $50 for one event, or $35 if participating in one other event (eg. No-Gi regular bracket on Sunday). From the applications we receive, we will be releasing the names of the 8 competitors for each bracket at the registration deadline (based on resume and priority given to belt level).

Matches will be 8 minutes in duration, with NO POINTS ACCUMULATED in the first half (4 minutes) to encourage submission attempts, followed by IBJJF Brown/Black Belt rules for the second half (4 minutes).

We added these exclusive divisions to encourage competitors to raise the bar, showcase our local talent and to most importantly, have fun. I personally remember the joy of winning a 5-foot trophy during the grappling events of the 1990s and would be happy to bring that experience back for today's talented athletes, along with the recognition of being crowned Champion amongst a strong exclusive bracket of competitiors. Please send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with a brief resume of your accomplishments in BJJ competition. Thank you and BEST OF LUCK!!!





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FRIDAY, JANUARY 18th, 2013

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We're now just two days away from the Ascension Jiu-Jitsu Championship. The EVENT SCHEDULE is up; please go through the important information for competitors and arrive at least one hour prior to the start of your division.

We will be posting the division brackets tomorrow. There are no more changes permitted to entries. Tonight is your last opportunity to check the Competitors' List to ensure that your name has been entered in the corresponding division(s) before we post the brackets tomorrow.

We hope you are as excited as we are to bring in the new year with a dynamite weekend of matches and a fresh new start for all of our competitors. You will be hearing about last year's competitors that achieved the top rankings due to their performance at OJA-sanctioned events in 2012. The Ascension Tournament will be your first opportunity to gain points towards ranking among the top athletes in Ontario for 2013. We have a great turnout this year and most divisions are budding with talent. We will be in for some memorable matches this weekend as individuals and teams rally for the championship. Once again, we thank you sincerely for believing in our event and sharing its philosophy of unity and camaraderie among competitors in the midst of fierce competition. Thank you for setting an example of how true martial artists conduct themselves on the mat and in real life; it's more than just the Gold.

Enjoy every second of your performance on the mats this weekend--fear cannot hold you down; your dedication to your training will lift you through the competition. Best of luck from my fellow Professors to you, our students. This weekend is yours.



One final request to all patrons attending the event this weekend! The Nine Mile Ascension Project is something you'll be hearing about from me again in the near future; but for the meantime, in a nutshell we are asking if you would like to donate any new or lightly used items that you are no longer using: A pair of headphones, a calculator, an inexpensive watch you hardly use, children's books or whatever you think might help to uplift someone--just knowing that someone else far away is sending good vibes to them. I've been fortunate to make strong connections over the years with a local school Principal and other community leaders within the village of Nine Mile, Jamaica (Bob Marley's birthplace). There are so many things we have in abundance here that would bring a huge smile to a child's face or help the older folks to be a little more comfortable in their day-to-day living. I really don't want to push under such short notice (as this is a new project just commencing), but this weekend gathering of ours is an opportunity I would be ashamed to miss if I didn't ask... so if you would like to help this little village (that raised an icon) with some small items that you can put together for the event, we would be entirely grateful for your generosity and spirit!



Competitors and coaches,

Please be advised that tonight at 11:59EST is the final deadline for any changes to registrations. After this time, brackets will be confirmed and posted here. If you have already registered and your name does not appear in the correct division(s) listing, please contact us immediately.

We are also aware that there are some divisions with only one competitor entered. We will be contacting you directly to advise whether we can accommodate your registration or if we will be giving you a refund. We hope that the latter is not the case, but unfortunately these scenarios are beyond our control. Nonetheless, we highly value your support and will make every effort to accommodate your registration.

Apart from releasing the official event schedule, we will also be providing you with further instructions for check-in, rule elaborations and general event procedures to ensure the weekend runs smoothly. Please stay connected here and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Don't forget to check your registration!

Thank you for supporting the ASCENSION JIU-JITSU CHAMPIONSHIP, we look forward to seeing you this weekend!!!

Omar & Beverley Salvosa.

Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Gi and No-Gi Divisions for Adults, Masters[30+] and Juniors.
Gi Divisions for Kids and Teens; Absolute Championship.
Over 700 competitors in attendance from previous events.
Always a tremendous experience for our young competitors.
Great prizes from our amazing sponsors!
Classy and professional event, year after year...

Come join us for another memorable weekend!